North Point Geographic Solutions (NPGS) has created a web application to eliminate hand-written permit applications and allow public users to apply and pay for their land use permits online with an easy-to-use application process. Coming soon we will also have the ability to create your own unique permit forms for your agency’s other permitting needs.

NPGS is committed to creating a more efficient solution for the permit issuance process. We will work with your agency to ensure our application is configured with your GIS data, customized with your branding and unique workflows, and is accessible through your website. The NPGS Permitting Application is designed to save time and increase permitting accuracy and efficiency.

Located in Duluth, Minnesota, NPGS employs innovative web application developers, GIS analysts, data managers and cartographers that specialize in developing solutions using Esri’s industry-standard GIS technology.

With the Land Use Permit Application, users are able to fill out an online permit application form, identify and edit their proposed structure(s), automatically calculate setback information, pay for permits online and more.

Administrators and Inspectors have access to their own dashboards with tools related to their specific job duties, including permit reviews and information requests, offline field inspection, timeline activities by permit, reporting functions, issuing permits and more!

Administrative users and Inspectors can:

  • Review submitted permit applications from public users
  • View and filter permits in a map interface
  • Assign permit inspections
  • Navigate to inspection sites
  • Confirm applicant information and add new data
  • Request additional information from applicants
  • View a timeline of activities per permit
  • Run custom reports
  • Issue permits
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Public users can:

  • Account for multiple property owners
  • Identify authorized agents (e.g. contractors applying for permits on behalf of a client)
  • Automatically calculate structure and setback information
  • View and interact with parcel data to place a structure and identify driveways and other features
  • Edit structures in a map interface
  • Automatically calculate permit application fees based on data provided
  • Pay for permits online
  • Save applications in progress
  • Review submitted applications
  • Download/re-print issued permits

Get more information on our Land Use Permit Application or set up a demo!

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