Government Solutions

North Point Geographic Solutions (NPGS) has been working with Government GIS since our founding in 2006. Located in Duluth, Minnesota, NPGS employs innovative web application programmers, GIS analysts, and cartographers that specialize in developing solutions using Esri’s industry standard GIS technology.

At NPGS, we provide Government GIS consulting services for creating applications, managing GIS data for internal use as well as public consumption, and assisting with GIS infrastructure setup and training. We know your time is valuable, so let us help you make the most of it by maximizing the tools you already have in place!

Government Solutions

How Can GIS Support Your Agency?

Just a few of the advantages of utilizing GIS solutions:

  • Host data, services, maps, and applications with ArcGIS Online
  • Share content as public, or maintain for internal use only
  • Organize data among departments and increase collaboration
  • Create custom web applications that are mobile compatible
  • Collect real-time data in the field, both online and offline
  • Access Esri’s templates for Government
  • Create Story Maps and presentations in AGO
  • Custom forms, templates and printing with ArcServer
  • And so much more…

Ready to put science and technology to work for you? We can help!

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ArcGIS Online for Government

With ArcGIS Online (AGO), you have your own AGO home page. Why not customize it to match the rest of your unique brand? NPGS can help you design the look you want, including colors, styling, graphics, custom thumbnails, and layout. Everything you need for a seamless look and feel with the rest of your agency’s websites.

County Government Applications

GIS is a power tool and our experience and expertise can help empower your agencies and departments. Whether your needs are related to zoning, emergency services, public works, or a range of other focuses, our team will be your partners in deploying your solution.

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