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Web-based forestry. Anywhere.

  • Access your data from any device at any time
  • Take SmartFor™ offline and update data in the field
Forestry Solutions
Forestry Solutions

Built on Esri’s ArcGIS Online

  • Seamlessly integrate with your existing ArcGIS Online data
  • Collect data in the field with Survey123 and Esri’s mobile application suite

Commercial and Private Forestry

  • Automatically generate reports and summaries for all of your timber sales, volume, and stand data
Forestry Solutions

“After retiring I started my own Forestry Consulting Service (Sharp’s Forestry Consulting LLC). I struggled trying to find a computerized software program that I could use to create professional-looking timber harvest maps, timber harvest plans, etc.I mentioned this to several Forester friends of mine, finally, I was recommended to contact Jesse and Carolyn Adams at North Point Geographic Solutions in Duluth Minnesota. From the moment we met, I felt this company was going to be able to assist me. We went over in detail the type of product I was searching for. I wanted something that would save office time, was intuitive, easy to use, could be accessed in the field on smart devices, and would create professional-looking reports. Jesse sent me the software he created in SmartFor a few weeks after our meeting. I was ecstatic even after only using the software for a short time. The software is internet-based so I can write up timber appraisals anywhere I have an internet connection. The software has saved me so much office time, now I can spend more time in the field. As with any software development, it is a work in progress. North Point Geographic Solutions continue to send updates as needed that continue to make the software even better. I would recommend any Natural Resource Professional looking for an internet-based GIS Program that works with ArcMap to contact North Point Geographic Solutions. To close, the support has been the best, always willing to help; most importantly issues have been resolved quickly.”

Sharp’s Forestry Consulting LLC. Al Sharp, President

“We are a large conservation organization managing thousands of acres of forestry projects per year across several land ownerships using a variety of public and private funding sources. Efficient data management and reporting are critical for collaborating with our land management partners, reporting accomplishments and expenses to funders and donors, communicating the scale and importance of our work. SmartFor has been our solution for tracking every dollar on every acre and providing real-time, anytime reporting in just a few clicks. SmartFor has given us easy, clear access to the depths of our Arc GIS database in a way that allows our busy land managers to get what they need and get back to work. Grant reports detailing treatments, acres, and expenses by ownership that used to take hours are reduced to minutes with SmartFor’s customized reporting tools. Northpoint has developed a fantastic product in SmartFor matched only by their dedication to helping clients discover and develop transformative data solutions.”

 Non-Profit SmartFor User