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ArcGIS Online Extensions Get New Features:

ArcGIS Online features a number of powerful extensions users can utilize to speed up and increase productivity in their cloud-based mapping and analysis processes. Five of the extensions received new functionality in recent updates to ArcGIS Online. Visit Esri’s blog to read about how these new features could benefit you and your team.

What’s in the Esri Small Nonprofit Organization Grant:
Small nonprofit organizations in the US can take advantage of this unique grant package that includes ArcGIS Online, ArcGIS Pro, and ArcGIS Business Analyst as well as maps, data, apps, training, and support. What are small nonprofits able to accomplish with this package?  Organizations can create and distribute web-based interactive maps using ArcGIS Online and much more! Visit here to learn more about this grant and how it could be beneficial to small nonprofits.

GIS Tips & Tricks

When we learn something new or helpful, we like to pass it along. 

Timesaving Tips from ArcGIS Hub and Enterprise Sites 

1️⃣ Use Esri Community posts to provide assistance to others, troubleshoot problems, and share ideas with the global Esri community.
2️⃣ Explore and filter the Hub Gallery for examples and inspiration for projects.
3️⃣ Find presentations as video recordings, technical sessions, and samples of Plenary demos featured in ArcGIS Hub to help learn a new skill.
4️⃣ Use Python to automate several Hub and Sites workflows with the Hub-py package. Utilize Jupyter Notebooks’ Python interface to complete your task faster.

Bring Your Basemap Gallery to Life

An ever-evolving collection of trustworthy, curated, and usable geographic data from Esri and the GIS user community is the ArcGIS Living Atlas of the World. The basemap is one of ArcGIS Living Atlas’ most beneficial forms of content. When you create a new map or scene in Map Viewer, you can choose the basemap you want from the basemap collection. Maps from the ArcGIS Living Atlas should be added to your custom basemap gallery in order to create it. Check out this useful guide from Esri to discover how to integrate ArcGIS Living Atlas Basemaps into your gallery.