Esri Headlines

Highlighting Esri technical topics, news, and updates.

ArcGIS Online Update Planned for June 21st:
On June 21, from 5:00 p.m. to midnight (PDT), Esri plans to update ArcGIS Online, with these planned updates subject to change. These updates will include improvements to Map Viewer, ArcGIS Instant Apps, the ArcGIS Online Email Verification Process, and much more. If you would like to know more about this update please click the link to view Esri’s ArcGIS blog, or have questions please contact NPGS at [email protected]m for more information.

Esri Has Rolled Out New StoryMaps
The possibilities of StoryMaps are endless. Used to create storytelling through mapping, this application allows users to transport their readers, taking them on an interactive tour. By using the world’s leading mapping technology, you can become a storyteller. To learn more about this application visit here.

Gather Data with Confidence Using ArcGIS Survey123:
Set up a survey with ease by using Esri’s ArcGIS Survey123, this form-first data collection tool gives users the ability to incorporate maps, apps, workflows, and much more making it easier than ever to collect data. Find out how this application can assist with data collection next time you send out a survey by reading Esri’s blog.

Considering Attending the Esri UC? Here’s Why You Should:
Learn, reconnect, and discover the latest advances in GIS technology while joining thousands of users from around the globe and discovering how they’re leveraging GIS capabilities to solve problems. Learn to use the latest tools in technical sessions and find inspiration in user presentations. Discover solutions in the Expo and Esri Showcase, and shop at the Esri Merch Store. Learn more about the Esri User Conference here. North Point will be in attendance at the UC. Please let us know if you will be there and we can find a time to connect. Please email Heidi at [email protected] to schedule a time.