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Updates and Announcements from NPGS

NPGS has Moved Into a Brand New Office Space:

North Point Geographic Solutions has moved down the street to a new location in the Paulucci building! Our phone number will remain the same, however our new address will be as follows:

501 Lake Avenue South, Suite 410 Duluth, MN 55802

Thank very much you for all your continued support. We are excited to continue providing great service to our clients in our new space!

Backup Manager for ArcGIS Online is Officially Live on the ArcGIS Marketplace:

NPGS is proud to announce the release of our application, Backup Manager for ArcGIS Online, to Esri’s ArcGIS Marketplace. Our app is now available to be purchased with 5 GB of storage directly from the Marketplace. If you are interested in a larger storage option, Contact Us directly and we will be happy to assist you with a 500 GB or 2 TB package.

Follow this link to purchase the 5 GB Backup Manager for ArcGIS Online today!

Forestry Solutions

Esri Headlines

Highlighting Esri technical topics, news, and updates.

Esri now allows you to stay connected with your community through the ArcGIS Hub! 

Organizations can now keep their community up-to-date by creating events to be shared on a site where users can create content, share web maps, and run product campaigns to the public.

Image credit: Esri

Starting initiates has never been easier with the ArcGIS Hub. This site gives users the ability to send out messages to their community, directly into their inboxes. ArcGIS Hub has a range of initiates that can be created, to learn more about ArcGIS Hub read about it here on Esri’s blog page.

Events and Conferences

Events of interest for our GIS and web development folks.

MN Society of American Foresters Meeting 
February  19-20, Brainerd MN

North Point will be attending the winter meeting for the Society of American Foresters (SAF) at Cragun’s Resort and Hotel. This event will feature presentations on current forestry research, keynote speaker Robert Seymour, and much more! To find out more about this event click here.

Esri Partner Conference 
March 7-9, Palm Springs CA

This coming March, Esri will be holding its 2020 Partner Conference in sunny Palm Springs California. With workshops and Esri Partner activities taking place, there is a lot to explore at this year’s conference. Register now and we’ll see you there!

Esri Developer Summit 
March 10-13, Palm Springs CA

Followed by the Esri Partner
Conference is the Esri Developer Summit. Attend sessions to learn all there is to know in the future of geospatial development!

MidAmerican GIS Consortium 
April 20-23, Omaha NE

The 2020 MAGIC Conference will be held at the DoubleTree in Omaha Nebraska. This year North Point will be teaching a workshop on Configuring ArcGIS Online Applications for Data Collection, Visualization, and Analysis. This event is a great opportunity to network and gain knowledge on relevant GIS topics in the Midwest! Register here.

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