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Spatial Analysis Meets Data Science with ArcGIS Notebooks:
As the spacial data science community continues to evolve and the popularity of Jupyter notebooks increases, Esri has introduced the spatially optimized ArcGIS Notebooks. Designed for users who want to learn and utilize Python, this application is a great tool to make sense of real-time big data more efficiently. To learn more about this application visit Esri’s Blog!

Introducing ArcGIS Field Maps:
Esri recently released their newest application ArcGIS Field Maps! This app gives mobile users the ability to “create powerful new smart forms using the Field Maps web app.”  To learn more about ArcGIS Field Maps mobile app and its capabilities, click here.

What We’re Working on

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North Point recently released a highlight video of our SmartFor Application!

If you haven’t checked it out yet, go to our YouTube Channel to watch our video highlighting our SmartFor forestry management application here.

GIS Tips & Tricks

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Learn how to add charts to pop-ups on ArcGIS Online.

To help add a visual and relevant presentation of numeric attribute information on ArcGIS Online, consider adding a chart to pop-ups. With a variety of charts to choose from for different types of data sets, charts are a great way to effectively display information. To learn how to integrate this feature into your ArcGIS Online data, visit Esri’s blog page or contact North Point for assistance.

Reminder: Transition to HTTPS on ArcGIS Online is December 8th, 2020!

Starting December 8th, 2020, ArcGIS Online will no longer support communication over HTTP. To help transition all encrypted communication, ArcGIS Online will notify you when an item you add, e.g. layer, app, or image, uses HTTP. It is very important to update these items. Learn more about preparing for HTTPS, visit Esri’s Support Page, or contact North Point for assistance.

Events and Conferences

Events of interest for our GIS and web development folks.

Geospatial Lunch & Learn 
Coming Soon, Via Social Media

NPGS went live on Twitter with our first Geospatial Lunch & Learn on ArcGIS Notebooks in July. If you miss out on this Livestream check it out on our Youtube Channel and stay tuned for our next Lunch & Learn coming soon!

Minnesota GIS/LIS Consortium 
Spring Workshops 2021, Remote

Due to COVID-19, the 30th annual conference for the Minnesota GIS/LIS Consortium has been canceled. MN GIS/LIS will be hosting workshops next Spring, and NPGS is looking forward to being a possible presenter! Click here for updates on information to come for this event. 

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NPGS is looking for an experienced GIS Web Application Developer!

We are hiring! North Point is in search of an individual experienced in GIS web application development. To learn more about this position and to apply click here.

North Point’s Jesse and Carolyn were featured in this month’s edition of The Duluthian: the official publication of the Duluth Chamber of Commerce! Check out the article on our blog page here.

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