Newsletter Q2 – 2020

Esri Headlines

Highlighting Esri technical topics, news, and updates.

Enhancements Made to Map Viewer Beta for ArcGIS Online:
Map Viewer Beta has made several changes since the previous ArcGIS Online update. Some of these enhancements include label authoring, allowing you to now specify how your labels appear based on zoom level. Map Viewer Beta also allows users to rotate and reposition these labels. To learn more about these updates visit Esri’s Blog to read their main article.

New Smart Mapping Capabilities in Map Viewer Beta:
Esri has announced new capabilities for Map Viewer beta that allows users to utilize a continuous timeline to view their data in chronological order! To learn more about how these additions to Map Viewer Beta are making it easier to map date and time fields, click here.

What We’re Working on

How we implement Esri functionality into our applications.

NPGS was featured in last month’s Esri Marketplace Newsletter!

We are excited to have our Backup Manager for ArcGIS Online application featured in May’s Esri Marketplace Digest. To learn more about our app, and its features click here to check it out!

North Point will be releasing version 2 of our Permitting Application!

Our Permitting Application eliminates the need for hand-written permit applications and creates am easy-to-use application process for your agency. To learn more visit our permitting page here and stay tuned for updates!

GIS Tips & Tricks

When we learn something new or helpful, we like to pass it along. 

Starting December 8th, 2020, ArcGIS online will no longer support communication over HTTP. 

To help transition all encrypted communication, ArcGIS Online will notify you when an item you add, e.g. layer, app, or image, uses HTTP. It is very important to update these items. To learn more about preparing for HTTPS, visit Esri’s Support Page or contact North Point for assistance.

Events and Conferences

Events of interest for our GIS and web development folks.

Esri User Conference
July 13-15, Virtual

This year the Esri User Conference will be held virtually July 13-15th, making it the largest virtual GIS event held by Esri! The conference will hold training sessions, provide an opportunity to network virtually, and will live stream a Plenary Session. To learn more about this event visit the event overview page!

MidAmerican GIS Consortium 
August 10-13, Virtual

The 2020 MAGIC Conference will no longer be held in Omaha NE this year due to COVID-19. The conference may be announcing a series of online workshops because of the cancelation of the conference. We are working with organizers to put together a potential workshop to virtually present.

Minnesota GIS/LIS Consortium 
October 28-30, Bemidji MN

The 30th annual conference for the Minnesota GIS/LIS Consortium has been canceled. There are still more details to come on their Annual Business Meeting in October. Click here to learn more information about these two events. 

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We have been working closely with clients throughout the COVID-19 pandemic to help support their GIS needs during this time. We will continue to do so and we are committed to assisting with COVID-19 data management, map, and applications.

NPGS would like to send our thoughts out to those affected by the events that have happened in the recent weeks. Our hearts go out to all of those involved, we hope for healing and peace.

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