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New developments in remote sensing technology for climate modeling:
Innovations in remote sensing are being used to transform the way weather prediction and climate modeling are conducted. A startup called GeoOptics is planning to use nanosatellites in low-orbit to detect refraction of GPS signals passing through the atmosphere. This data could provide weather prediction models of much higher precision than current standards. It could also be used to generate three-dimensional models of atmospheric activity, allowing GIS professionals and other geospatial data users to create rich representations of earth’s climate in a 3-D context. For more information, check out the main article from Esri Newsroom!

Updates Coming to ArcGIS Online:
An update in late June will bring some exciting new features to ArcGIS Online! One feature is the new configurable Attachment Viewer app. The app offers an immersive experience to users when reviewing image attachments and will integrate with Collector for ArcGIS and Survey123 for ArcGIS! Additionally, new features for managing groups in ArcGIS Online, such as a more mobile-friendly interface, will allow you to easily administer your organization more effectively from any device! Check out the ArcGIS Online Resources page after June 25th for more details on these and other new features!

GIS Tips & Tricks

When we learn something new or helpful, we like to pass it along. 

Wanna make better maps? ArcGIS Pro has some great cartographic tools built in, without the need to use other design software. Check out this example where John Nelson, a cartographer at Esri, creates selective hillshading styles that are sure to bring a beautiful aesthetic to your maps that deal with physical data!

Events and Conferences

Events of interest for our GIS and web development folks.

2019 Esri User Conference
July 8 – 12, San Diego, CA

With over 1,000 sessions on the latest and greatest in geospatial technology, the Esri User Conference is the world’s largest conference to learn about the next big thing in GIS. From a speech on conservation with keynote speaker Jane Goodall to sessions and workshops on innovative indoor mapping, the Esri User Conference is bound to have a topic that interests you! If you’d like to join us in attending, register here!

2019 South Dakota Statewide Geospatial Conference
July 24 – 25, Mitchell, SD

We’ll be joining our neighbors in Mitchell, South Dakota to learn about how people from all across the state are using GIS to meet their needs. With exciting topics like LiDAR and Drones in Education, we plan on learning a lot to bring back to Minnesota! You can register to join us here!

What We’re Working On

How we implement Esri functionality into our applications.

We’ve been creating several custom Web AppBuilder widgets over the past few months. Web AppBuilder is a user-friendly tool for creating applications without any coding! With a wide variety of out-of-the-box widgets, you can spin up an application to view or edit your data in no time!

However, you may encounter situations where the standard functionality just won’t cut it. We have lots of experience in designing custom widgets for Web Appbuilder and can help you with everything from custom icon design to complex functionality. Contact us today to talk about creating a custom widget that will work for you!

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