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ArcGIS Online Updates
The latest updates released this fall to the ArcGIS Online platform includes functionality in these areas:

– Map Viewer: clustering for point layers as an option for smart mapping visualizations
– Scene Viewer: stylize point cloud layers and support for OGC WMS layers
– Content: more international support in vector basemaps, demographic updates in several regions, and sub-meter resolution of imagery for the United States and Western Europe
– Application Templates – several updates and improvements

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Survey 123 for ArcGIS
Many organizations use forms to collect data in the field. Survey 123 for ArcGIS is a form-centric application that provides solutions for creating, sharing, and analyizing data surveys.

Using a digital format directly tied to the ArcGIS platform will allow your team to move away from paper form data collection practices. In Survey 123, you can design smart surveys to speed up the collection practice and accuracy of your data collected. Because your smart surveys are tied directly to the ArcGIS platform of your organization, the data collected is immediately available to be shared and analyzed.

Click here to learn more from ESRI on Survery 123: for ArcGIS.

Programming Corner: Why use Agile for your development projects?

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The Agile process has been around for decades but has recently become very popular for development projects. Here’s why:

Agile offers an alternative to the traditional waterfall process of development with a fluid, team-based approach to development that operates in time-boxed components called “sprints”. Sprints have requirements designated to be completed within set times, usually measured by weeks. At the end of the sprint the project priorities are evaluated and tests are run. Sprints allow for bugs to be discovered and customer feedback to be incorporated into the design during development.

The traditional waterfall approach is based on documenting all customer requirements upfront. This is the most difficult part of software development. Often, the client initially has a difficult time visualizing the completed application and all the functionality that they desire the application to have. The waterfall approach is a sequential process not allowing developers to return to a prior step in the process if requirements change. This can result in a project being completely scratched.

The iterative process of Agile development allows the client to see the application progress, thus helping them determine any requirement or business changes needed along the way. This can save a lot of time and effort for your team, ultimately resulting in faster development and product deliverables for your clients.

To learn more about the Agile process for development, visit Agile Methodology.

GIS Tips & Tricks

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Thinking of making a switch to ArcGIS Pro? Don’t know much about it yet? ArcGIS Pro is a professional desktop GIS application that will eventually replace ArcMap. Unlike ArcMap, it is a 64 bit multi-threaded application that is integrated with ArcGIS Online. It has combined the functionality from three ESRI applications: ArcMap, ARcGlobe/ArcScene and City Engine in one application.

To learn more about using ArcGIS Pro, view the online video developed by NPGS staff here.

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Upcoming Events and Conferences

Events of interest for our GIS and Web Development folks.

27th Annual MN GIS/LIS Consortium Conference, October 4-6, 2017; Bemidji, MN
The best GIS conference in MN! Networking, vendors, and workshops all in one place.
– Full and half-day workshops
– Vendors
– Keynote speaker
– Topic Seminars

NPGS will be a vendor at BOOTH #5!!!  Stop by and chat with our professional staff.

Check out Steph Boyum’s presentation “Give ‘Em Map Envy” and Jesse Adams’ “What is ArcGIS Enterprise?”.

Visit MN GIS/LIS website for more event details.

Northern MN User Group meeting
A quarterly gathering of GIS professionals. See GIS presentations and network with other GIS professionals in Northern MN. Contact Brandon Keinath to join the email list for meeting schedule and details.

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