✈️ Experts predict business travel could remain down by 19-36%, even when the economy rebounds. ✈️ #ouch


This could have massive implications for many industries (business travel makes up 21% of the $9 trillion worldwide travel and tourism market 😳). One upside is the reduction of net carbon emissions, which is a goal for many corporations. 


🧐 So how can businesses overcome this significant impact? 🧐


🗺 Industry leaders need fast and accurate location insight. That’s more accessible than ever. With anonymized information on where consumers are and no-code technology like GIS to illustrate changing patterns, company leaders are locating new business opportunities.


📡 Demographics including age, gender, income, and spending habits can be linked by GIS technology to a physical location or catchment area, helping brands identify opportunities and define actions. 


🗺 The pandemic will be remembered for its profound impacts on human health and its quick reshaping of the economy. It has accelerated trends such as carless cities and remote work, forcing business executives to plan in a fluid environment. Those who do so with the help of location intelligence may find themselves ahead.


➡️ Does a downturn in business travel impact your business? ⬅️


Source: Esri WhereNext (https://www.esri.com/about/newsroom/publications/wherenext/business-travel-decline/)