🚫🖥 The global pandemic has created a barrier for GIS students and geographers, leaving those without internet access and reliable computers at a disadvantage. 🚫🖥


When you think about the work you do, what are some of the essentials you need to get the job done? Hardware? Software? Digital connections? Imagine not being able to access these things. 😳


There have also been different demographics hit harder with these struggles than others. For example, tribal lands located in the US have faced significant challenges to broadband access. 📵


What actions are being taken to help mend this digital divide? 🧑‍🔧


 👨‍🏫 🗺 The AAG (American Association of Geographers) 👨‍🏫 🗺 has launched a campaign to help provide assistance for these needs by launching Bridging the Digital Divide. 


❗️This initiative is one of nine interlocking programs to help support GIS students and geographers during this pandemic❗️


To learn more about Bridging the Digital Divide and the milestones this program has been able to succeed with visit Esri’s blog on this topic here: https://www.esri.com/about/newsroom/arcnews/a-starting-point-for-bridging-the-digital-divide/