Tribal Government

·      Offering description: Tribal Government Forestry Solutions, GIS Implementations/Data Management Services.

o   Forestry Management: The SmartFor application is for visualizing and managing forest information. It provides foresters with easy-to-use maps and data screens that allow tracking and storing of current and historical data related to forest management activities.

o   GIS/Data Management: North Point offers the following professional packages and services:

  • ArcGIS Online Package
  • ArcGIS Enterprise Kickoff Package
  • ArcGIS Tune-Up Package
  • GIS Application Development and Custom Tools
  • Training

·      Government Segment: Tribal Governments

·      Stimulus Funding Category Alignment: Business Recovery – helps restore/upgrade forestry practices to make them more efficient and cost effective as a response to the negative economic impacts from the pandemic including disruptions in the supply chain and employment barriers. Implementing and/or upgrading their GIS infrastructure can also assist in business efficiencies and helps do more with less staff.

·      What the Customer Buys (what Esri technology/software is required): Depends on the service/product the Tribal government is interested in.

·      Estimated Cost:

o   SmartFor: $12/user/month plus an additional data migration and customization set-up fee if they have existing data that needs migration. Quote provided upon request.

o   GIS Services: Based on service(s). Quote provided upon request.