Permitting Solutions

·      Offering description: SmartPermit, North Point Geographic Solution’s zoning and permitting solution, eliminates hand-written permit applications and allows public users to apply for their land use permits online with an easy-to-use application process. With SmartPermit, users are able to identify structure setback information, edit structures, and pay for permits online.

North Point Geographic Solutions will work with your agency to ensure our application is configured with your GIS data and accessible through your website. Administrators and Inspectors also have access to their own dashboards with tools related to their specific job duties, including offline field inspection, timeline activities by permit, reporting functions, issuing permits and more.

·      Government Segment: Counties, Cities/Towns and Local Government – Land Use & Zoning Departments.

·      Stimulus Funding Category Alignment: Business Recovery – helping government agencies be more efficient in their permitting process. It helps reduce contact and paperwork allowing the government agency to better serve their community as people continue to build and recover from the pandemic.

·      What the Customer Buys (what Esri technology/software is required): In addition to purchasing the SmartPermit application (see cost below), the agency will also require at least one administrative level access to ArcGIS Online plus any additional user roles the organization needs.

·      Estimated Cost: Annual license/customer support & maintenance $2,000/year plus initial set fee based on agencies existing infrastructure. Quote provided upon request.