Forestry Solution

·      Offering Description: North Point Geographic Solution’s forestry solution, SmartFor, is the no hassle solution for visualizing and managing forest information. It provides foresters with easy-to-use maps and data screens that allow tracking and storing of current and historical data related to forest management activities, such as timber sales, logging operations, forest inventory, tree planting, and much more. SmartFor removes the hassle of duplicate data entry and makes data accessible real-time, whether in the office or in the field.

SmartFor is a web-based GIS Forest Management System that can be hosted in the cloud or on-premise. As a web-based system, SmartFor is accessible directly through your web browser, avoiding any need for extra software installations. Foresters can even work with data offline and not have to worry about wireless connections in remote locations.

·      Government Segment: State and Local Government Natural Resources and Forestry Departments. Tribal Government Natural Resources and Forestry Departments.

·      Stimulus Funding Category Alignment: Business Recovery – helps restore/upgrade forestry practices to make them more efficient and cost effective as a response to the negative economic impacts from the pandemic including disruptions in the supply chain and employment barriers.

·      What the Customer Buys (what Esri technology/software is required): In addition to purchasing the SmartFor application, the agency will also require an administrative level access to ArcGIS Online plus any additional user roles the organization needs.

·      Estimated Cost: $12/user/month plus an additional data migration and customization set-up fee if they have existing data that needs migration. Quote provided upon request.