Backup Manager

Backup Manager for ArcGIS Online

Offering description: Have you ever accidentally deleted or changed your ArcGIS Online content and wished you could restore or revert it? Or maybe you’re simply looking for extra peace of mind by backing up your AGOL data? Now with Backup Manager for ArcGIS Online, you can backup your web maps and hosted feature services in the cloud! In the case of deletion or data error you can restore your data.

o   Web application backup and restore including story maps and web app builder applications

o   Hosted Feature Service backup to the cloud, including item details and larger file sizes of 1.5GB and higher

o   Restore feature service backup directly through the application

o   Easy file geodatabase retrieval

o   Scheduled backups including bulk feature service backup scheduling

o   Backup feature service item details

o   Email notifications

o   Web Map backup and restoration

o   Backup retention management

o   Scheduled backup times reported in local time

o   Digest of completed/failed backups

o   Users will have the ability to choose whether to keep the file geodatabase upload after feature service restoration

o   Sorting capabilities to the scheduled tasks page (option to sort by Item Name, Item Type, and Day of Week columns)

·      Government Segment: State, County, Local, and Tribal Governments.

·      Stimulus Funding Category Alignment: Business Recovery – with so many people working remotely now, it’s vital to make sure data is safe, backed up and restorable to previous versions.

·      What the Customer Buys:

o   North Point’s Backup Manager for ArcGIS Online

o   They would already be using ArcGIS Online to have a need to purchase this product. They do need to have at least one administrative level access to ArcGIS Online.

·      Estimated Cost for Backup Manager for ArcGIS Online:

o   $599/year for 5GB

o   $999/year for 500GB

o   $1499/year for 2TB