📊🩺 Does your organization work with communities that are working to implement COVID-19 Vaccine Plans? 🩺📊


🖥 A new series of ArcGIS Solutions have become available for organizations looking to help their communities with vaccine distribution plans while evaluating the effectiveness of those plans. 🖥


These solutions are designed to help 🚫combat misinformation🚫 about the vaccines with robust and agile communication strategies. These campaigns are being developed to ensure a successful administering of the vaccine.


❓How can the Corona Virus Vaccine Outreach help your organization’s communities❓


1️⃣ Can be used to launch the distribution of the vaccine on a web destination


2️⃣ Help provide information to the public that helps them understand when and where they can get vaccinated


3️⃣ Recruit and organize medical volunteers to support the widespread distribution of the vaccine


Is your organization interesting in integrating this solution? Contact NPGS, we can assist in merging this into your organization and train users. Visit here to fill out our form for help: https://www.northpointgis.com/contact/ 


Source: http://bit.ly/3apUX69