NPGS utilizes Agile-Scrum software development for managing our project’s lifecycles. This  process entails implementing development in small, executable segments, or “sprints”, which typically last about two weeks. After each sprint, the team holds a meeting that the client is welcome and encouraged to attend. The goal of these regularly scheduled meetings is to review the work accomplished in the most recent development cycle, ensure consistent communication, raise potential risks early on, and effectively plan the next steps.

NPGS is very experienced in project management processes and procedures and has successfully implemented and provided training on numerous Agile-Scrum projects for clients, as well as coached Agile-Scrum teams. We feel the key advantages of an Agile approach is increased visibility and coordination with our clients, which in turn results in increased end-product satisfaction. We also benefit from greater feedback and the ability to adapt to new or unknown information more effectively throughout the project lifecycle.

By working with NPGS to implement your GIS development project, you will be a part of the team that shapes the product you ultimately need, rather than waiting for weeks on end to see results that ultimately fall short of your goals.

our process
Our Process
Our process