Digital maps are:


Thanks to ArcGIS Online, Google Maps, Leaflet, Mapbox, Open Street Map, and a handful of other interactive mapping tools, sharing and accessing maps on the go has never been easier.


Share one set of data with many users. You can publish data that can easily be consumed by many of the Web mapping solutions listed above and share it with a wide variety of users. In this fashion, a host can update the data and the users will automatically receive the most recent version with minimal hassle.

Totally sick

Check out this pirate map!


Digital maps can go beyond the basic 2D orthographic view. Google Earth and ArcGIS Explorer did a great job rendering the world in “3D” and Google Maps mashed up their collection of aerial imagery with lidar data – right in your Web browser! Bing Maps has a great collection of oblique “birds eye” aerial imagery, and Google Maps followed suit a few years later.

There are even crowd sourced Lego maps, interactive games, and many more fun uses for digital maps.

Safe & Sound

With an Otterbox for your mobile device, digital maps are not subject to damage, and can easily be printed and reprinted on demand.

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