Forestry Solutions

North Point Geographic Solutions (NPGS) has been working with Forestry GIS since our founding in 2006. Located in Duluth, Minnesota, NPGS employs innovative web application programmers, GIS analysts and cartographers that specialize in developing solutions using industry standard GIS technology.

At NPGS, we provide GIS Forestry consulting services that are geared toward your long-term infrastructure and profitability. We want you to succeed, and we know the best way to realize success in the forestry industry, is to have immediate access to the most up-to-date information! 

By implementing an ArcGIS Online GIS solution, you will have access to large datasets, gain the ability to rapidly analyze information to extract results, and be able to instantly share and edit data, both online as well as offline!

Ready to put science and technology to work for you? We can help!

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Forestry with SmartFor

With NPGS’ SmartFor Application for AGO, you have access all your harvest data and reporting tools in one convenient location, and shared throughout your organization for more effective communication and planning. Your foresters can even have the ability to access data in the field!
SmartFor Web Application

Extend Your ArcGIS Online Platform

With NPGS as your GIS consultant, we work with you to extend the out-of-the-box tools, maps and applications included as part of your ArcGIS Online.

The possibilities are endless for custom application as well. We can enhance the Esri platform by creating a custom application geared specifically to your data and processes. Contact us today to schedule a free demo and consultation.

Planning Maps & Applications

How often are certain areas being selected for harvesting? Using GIS analysis tools in ArcGIS Online, maximize harvest sites in order to ensure efficient wood procurement and find potential new locations!

Real-time Analysis and Dashboards

Esri’s Dashboards are another valuable tool through your ArcGIS Online account. Dashboards can be configured for anyone, and are a quick and easy way to see your desired information in a real-time, easy to read format.

Procurement and Transportation App

Using ArcGIS Online (AGO), we can build on top of the Esri platform to design a web map that…

  • Helps foresters identify where the most likely harvest locations are located.
  • View what land is public vs. private.
  • Integrate desired parcel data so you know exactly who the land owners are.
  • Calculate transportation costs to the closest mill, which can translate to even further savings!