Classic Plat Book Development

North Point Geographic Solutions can create an updated version of your current plat book.


  • Traditional page layout: 8.5″ x 11″ and one township per page
  • Standard content: Parcel and owner highlighted with PLSS, transportation and water layers included
  • Advertising space on each page with additional ad pages in the front and/or back
  • Indexes for roads and parcel owners


Alternative Plat Book Designs

North Point Geographic Solutions can develop and create alternative plat book designs.


  • Thematic: Urban area, recreation, emergency management, and more
  • Page layout: Oversize atlas, multiple townships per page, larger scale, smaller scale


GIS Integrated Plat Book

North Point Geographic Solutions can use the newest technology to make your plat book more easily accessible and manageable.


  • ArcSDE integration so future editions can be created by your internal staff
  • Data driven pages and feature linked annotaion to allow automated updates and page creation
  • Web and mobile applicationsĀ to allow users alternative options for accessing plat information