Have you ever accidentally deleted a web map or hosted feature service and wished you could recover it? Or maybe you’re simply looking for extra peace of mind by backing up your AGOL data? Now with Backup Manager for ArcGIS Online, you can backup your web maps and hosted feature services in the cloud! In the case of deletion or data error you can restore your data.

  • Hosted Feature Service backup to the cloud
  • Easy file geodatabase retrieval
  • Scheduled backups
  • Bulk feature service backup scheduling
  • Email notifications
  • Web Map backup
  • One-click Web Map restoration
  • Backup retention management
Features coming soon:
  • Web application backup and restore including story maps and web app builder applications
  • Restore feature service backup directly through the application
  • Free version featuring on demand backups to your ArcGIS Online account content
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Now available for purchase on ArcGIS Marketplace with 5 GB of storage availability! 

Forestry Solutions

Backup Manager Options and Pricing

Backup Manager | North Point Geographic Solutions | NPGS

Now available for purchase on the ArcGIS Marketplace with 5 GB of storage availability! 

Forestry Solutions
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